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Welcome to Magicland.

A 96-hectares eco-village for dance, play, and personal transformation in San Juanillo, Costa Rica.


Magicland’s home is on a 96-hectare piece of co-stewarded land in San Juanillo, Costa Rica.  Magicland will have a vibrant community with an all ages school, retreat center, and a range of residential options for members, families, facilitators, and retreat participants to live, heal, play, and transform. The community landscape will be full of playful communal structures designed to hold space for healthy everyday living and seasons of dynamic programming.


Imagine a world where we wake up excited to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s a world where we dance, create, heal, and live in harmony with nature. It’s where we cultivate superpowers like empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and imagination to elevate the collective consciousness, instigate cultural evolution, and move the world forward.

Magicland is a place where high vibration is cultivated through self healing, thriving in community, and uncovering the underutilized creative potential which rests in every human being.

This is the world we imagine.


The mission of Magicland is to create a village focused around self-healing, play, dance, and active physical lifestyles immersed in the simplicity of nature within a permaculture heaven.

Magicland is creating a new world for we, the people, to engage in this thing called life through owning less, sharing more, communal disciplines, and growing relationships alongside inspiring people who want to see one another grow.


Healing & Creation

Healing, being, and creating evolves in a spiral. We are committed to practice this vortex by living our inner shaman and embodying our soul connection. We are designing an ecosystem that inspires us to create from the purest inner vibration.

Alone & Together

We believe in the importance of having time alone so that we may connect with our soul, as well as time with others so we can continue to grow in our relationships. Our ambition is to develop an abundance of communal spaces for solitude, immersed in the sounds of nature.

Play & Dance

As we heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies we become playful through dance, water, circus, music, and all creative expressions.

Sexual Energy

We believe in monogamy to create structure for how we channel our sacred life energy for a deep, simple, and creative life.

Minimalism & Simplicity

We practice owning less, sharing more, living simply on the land keeping our mind fresh, flexible, and humble.


Creating a magical, edible, and lush forest; we live in harmony and abundance.

Life & Death

Our essence wants to heal and live the spiral of being, creating, and healing so that we can celebrate death like we celebrate life through ongoing education and ceremonies to support the entire life cycle.


We create a field of continuous learning by inviting masters from around the world in various disciplines to share their gifts so that we become masters ourselves.

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