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Reflecting on this creative session, I see most of what came through was about a few of the profound moments of the human experience.

  • Portals
  • Reviews
  • School
  • Experiences

I did not explore the physical manifestations of Magicland in this exercise.

Magicland Dreamweaving global experience 1

I started with my partner’s pregnancy – our child – and used her portal as the first step of the ‘life to death Magicland experience’.

Here are some of the main ideas discovered in the process of creating the drawing:


  • We invite people into supportive structures for profound moments of the human experience.
    • pregnancy: how can we co-design wraparound support for my pregnancy, and what does that look like?
    • birth: how would I like to bring our child into the world?
    • family: how would we like our family to be and feel?
    • partnership: how would I like my partnership to be and feel?
    • end of life: how would I like the end of my life to look and feel?
    • death: how would I like to die?
    • perimenopause: how would I like to be held through the transition into wise women?
    • veterans: how would I like to heal and ground before I re-enter my family and society?


  • Wise Woman: “I decided to move to Magicland because of the support and magical experiences they have for women moving through perimenopause to menopause transition. I have transformed through the transition – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually – into a place of empowerment, confidence, and wisdom. I highly recommend.”
  • End-of-Life: “Instead of living my remaining years in a traditional elder care facility, I move to Magicland. I’m near the end of my life and I can easily say these last years have been among the best of my life. In fact, it’s possible that I may have extended my life because of the lifestyle at Magicland! Come visit…I’ll see you on the zip-lines!”
  • Mother: “My partner and I decided to move to Magicland a few months before our baby was due. We wanted to be in Magicland for at least the first few years of the baby’s life. It was perfect! We loved spending time with the elders and the people at the end of their life. Great to bring everyone together in a unique way!”
  • Veteran: “After coming home from active duty I was overwhelmed by “normal” everyday life. My friend recommended I live at Magicland for a few months to come back home to myself before I try to reintegrate into my family and friends. I took his advice, and I am incredibly grateful that I did. My wife visited me a few times during my three month stay at Magicland, we did workshops together, and by the time I went home my family life was already back in a solid place – we may be stronger now than ever!”
  • Daniel: “I joined the team in March 2023, and they welcomed me with open arms. Ari, Ella, and Diego are good people. I felt called to created Magicland with them. In the last six months, we have made a lot of progress. I feel a knowing in my body that I would like a forever home at Magicland. It feels right to have roots that go deep here.”


  • Healing and evolution happens through experiences
    • daily dance (to stay aligned)
    • whisper Wednesdays (to explore new realities together)
    • vision quest (to come home)
    • therapy experiences (to heal)
    • manifestation/creativity experiences (to create)


  • learning happens everywhere (no solo desks or chairs, collaborative projects/learning, question everything about “school” as we know it)
  • integrated throughout campus (self-directed vision quest, self-directed somatic practice)
  • we show what’s possible to create with the raw materials available – lead by example – learn to use your hands to build the life you desire
  • build muscles of vulnerability, sensing, intuition, empathy, compassion, imagination